Our Services and Pricing

At STL Holiday Lighting, we are proud of the fact that we offer up-front pricing with no gimmicks, surprises, multi-year contract requirements, or time consuming, high pressure bids.

Unlike many companies that make you sacrifice an hour of your time just to hear an in-person bid based on a mystery pricing scheme, we offer computerized estimates based on a simple, straight-forward pricing model, that we have provided to you below.


How Our Service Works

Our comprehensive service is all-inclusive.

Our quoted prices include install, maintenance, take-down, and storage of lights that we provide and own.

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Our Plastic, Snap-On, All-In-One Gutter Clips

Gutter Clip Photo

When we install lights on your home, we use our standard plastic, snap-on, all-in-one gutter clips, NOT nails.  Our standard gutter clips simply snap onto the gutter of your home, do absolutely no damage (with NO permanent installation), and allow for a speedy install and take-down process.  Our gutter clips position the lights slightly below the roof line, so that the lights are lined up beautifully along the gutters.  (All of the lights along the roof lines in the photos on this page were installed using our standard gutter clips.)

In some select instances where there is no gutter, we may have to use our glue-down, permanent, plastic parapet clips or our permanent nail-in porch clips, but that is a unique situation that does not apply to most homes.  (If we need to use anything other than our standard, snap-on, plastic gutter clips, we will discuss that with you in advance.)


Our Pricing Plan

We take great pride in the transparency of our straight-forward pricing.  We have set prices listed below for each item that we install.  These per-item prices are all-inclusive and automatically include our full standard service, as described above.

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Your Color Choices for Outlining Your Home

All of the lights you see outlining the roofs of the houses below are our current C7 LED bulbs, available in Clear, Candy Cane, Multi-Color, or custom color schemes.  When we install lights on bushes, trees, windows, garage doors, or columns, we use our 23-foot, 100 bulb strands of incandescent mini-lights, which are available in clear, multi-colored, red, and green.

Classic Clear

For a classic, elegant look that is both stunning and timeless, go with our Clear C7 LED bulbs.  These bulbs emit a warm, gentle hue of clear light with absolutely NO blue tint.  (About 70% of our customers choose this option.)

Candy Cane

If you want just a little more excitement while still maintaining the timeless elegance of a clear display, a candy cane display, where every other bulb alternates between our clear and red LED bulbs, may be just what you are looking for.  (Candy Cane is our second most popular color scheme.)


Always a family favorite, our multi-colored displays follow a pattern made up of our red, orange, yellow, green, blue and clear LED bulbs.

Custom Color Scheme

While most of our customers choose one of the standard color schemes already shown, we can also install lights on your home in just about any custom color scheme you choose, so long as you work from our available colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and clear LED bulbs).  We think this red and green display, designed by one of our customers in 2019, looks absolutely phenomenal!


Our Service Area

Our service area includes most of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and the surrounding areas as well as most of St. Peters, St. Charles, O'Fallon, and Lake St. Louis.  We also work in Arnold and parts of Jefferson County.

To confirm that your home or business is located within our service area, click here to visit our "Service Area" page.


Ready to Get an Estimate?

Unlike other companies, we don't waste your valuable time with high pressure, in-person bids.  Instead, we can provide you with a customized estimate simply from a photograph of the front of your house, taken straight-on.

For the most accurate estimate, take a photo of the front of your home straight on, not at an angle or in perspective. (When you take the photo at an angle or in perspective, we cannot provide you with a very accurate estimate of your footage.)  If you cannot fit the entire front of your home into 1 straight on photo, take multiple photos straight on that overlap and send us those.

Once we receive a photo of the front of your home with a few quick details, we can provide you with a customized estimate by email, text message, or phone call.

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Our Billing Practices

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident when it comes to our billing process.  That is why we do not run your charge card for ANY amount in advance and we always make sure you have at least 2 weeks to review your bill before the due date.