Request an Estimate

At STL Holiday Lighting, we don't like to waste our time sitting through high pressure sales pitches and we don't think you should have to either!

Instead of interrupting your evening with an in-person sales bid, we can provide you with a customized estimate for your home's holiday lighting display electronically.  Just fill out the form below and let us do the rest.

If you would like to get a ballpark idea of what your home's display might cost with us before requesting an estimate, then check out the sample pictures and their corresponding prices on our Pricing Examples page.

(It may also help to note that we charge a minimum of $350 for new customers and $300 for re-installs.)


To request an estimate, please complete this form.

Completing our "Request an Estimate" form is the BEST way to request an estimate.  Filling out this form ensures that we get all of the information we need to process your estimate as quickly as possible.  Please include your email address so that we can email you a reply with full details.