Damato's Home Christmas Display


Due to a storage fire that destroyed a large portion of our home display in early November of this year (2020), we will be putting up a much SMALLER display this year than we have in the past.  Our reduced home display, located at 19027 Old Manchester Road, Wildwood MO 63069, will still be open to the public free of charge this year from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.

Click here for a printable flyer with directions.

Please note that this flyer was made last year and does not reflect the details of this year's reduced display.


About Our Home Display and Info for Visiting

Please note that although we will still be putting up part of our home display this year, our display will be smaller than it has been in the past.  

STL Holiday Lighting began with Nick's home Christmas light display and we take great pride in continuing that tradition.

Our display is located at 19027 Old Manchester Road, Wildwood MO 63069, just a little past Six Flags.  If you are familiar with Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, we are located on the same road (Fox Creek Road), just a few minutes further up the hill.  We are the first house on the right after crossing the Highway 100 intersection.  (After the intersection, the name of Fox Creek Road changes to Old Manchester Road.)

Our display is open to the public free of charge every Christmas season from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.  We turn the display on at dusk and usually leave it on until about 10pm.  (Please note that we DO turn off the display and close off access if we feel that inclement weather has made the driveway hazardous.)

If you and your family would like to see the display, feel free to come by, stay awhile, and take as many pictures or videos as you want.  We have a half-circle driveway with a pull-off section halfway up, so you will be able to easily drive in and out of the display.  (If there is not a line behind you, you are welcome to park in the pull-off section and take your time enjoying the show.)

If you have come to visit our display in the past, please be aware that our 2020 display will be much smaller than the displays you have seen from us before.  Nick's home display has been his pride and joy for over 30 years and he has always stored it in a shed near his home.  Unfortunately, in early November, when Nick was just starting the work of installing the display for the season and had only already taken a few of the yard display pieces out of the shed to start putting them up, the shed caught on fire while no one was home.  (The source of the fire turned out to be a lawnmower.)  Thankfully, no one was injured and the fire was contained to the shed area.  However, everything in the shed was completely destroyed (and in many cases thoroughly melted) along with the structure of the shed itself.  For this year, we will be putting up the pieces of the display that we still have and we may be adding 1 new display piece that we had ordered earlier in the year that has not yet been delivered.

Whether or not we continue to re-build the display back up in future years will largely depend on you.  It took Nick over 30 years to collect and develop all of the scenes that made up the stunning display he has put up in the past, and due to the fire, we now have only about 1/3 of the display left.  (Last year, Nick’s display included over 200,000 lights bulbs, over 20 different yard scenes, many of which were animated, and a timed light show that told the story of the nativity.)

In recent years, we have accepted entirely optional donations at the home display to fund local community projects in which we felt our skills combined with some materials could make a real difference in the lives of families and charities in our community.  (See our "In the Community" page to learn more about how your donations have helped us make a difference in our local community over the past few years.)  This year, we will be accepting donations from those of you who would like to help us fund the re-building of the home display.  Donations are still ENTIRELY OPTIONAL - you are still truly welcome to visit our display for free.  If you would like to make a donation to support re-building the home display, our donation box is located at the end of the driveway.  For those of you who choose to donate and to those of our friends and neighbors who have offered us your assistance through this difficult time, we would like to say thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.  Words cannot express how grateful we are for your kindness and support as we work through the challenges of this unfortunate situation.


Videos of Our Home Display

Our home display has grown a lot since Nick started it in 1996 and we have taken a LOT of videos and pictures of it since then!

This is a 2-minute video that walks through our entire display in 2016.  At that time, the display had 200,000 light bulbs, put out 80,000 watts, used 500 amps and cost $2.50 per hour to run.  Since then, we have added new scenes, updated the nativity scene to its own animated show with rope lights (which added more light bulbs) and also upgraded to LED bulbs (which significantly reduced our amperage).