Example #1
110' of C7 Lighting
$495 - Install & Removal, 1st Year



Example #2
190' of C7 Lighting
$855 - Install & Removal, 1st Year
In this example 80' of additional lights were used to cover bottom border of the home.




Example #3
Approximately 100' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $450
Subsequent Years $350




Example #4
Approximately 90' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $405
Subsequent Years $315




Example #5
Approximately 96' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $432
Subsequent Years $336




Example #6
Approximately 96' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $432
Subsequent Years $336




Example #7
Approximately 70' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $350
Subsequent Years $300




Example #8
Approximately 100' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $450
Subsequent Years $350
STL Holiday Lighting

To get a better idea of what holiday lighting for your home will cost with us, check out these sample pictures to the left and right. Find a home that looks like yours, click on it to expand the view and see where we recommend placing lights. Then, be blown away by how affordable our services really are!

(These are not photos of work we have done, just computer-generated examples of houses in a variety of styles and sizes. To see samples of our work, check out the photos on the home page and our facebook album.)

Example #9
Approximately 85' of Holiday Lighting
50' Mini Lights on the Fence
Estimated First Year $443
Subsequent Years $358




Example #10  -  Corner Lot
Approximately 110' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $495
Subsequent Years $385




Example #11  
Approximately 105' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $473
Subsequent Years $368




Example #12  
Approximately 120' of Holiday Lighting
2 strands mini lights per column
Estimated First Year $640
Subsequent Years $520




Example #13  
Approximately 96' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $432
Subsequent Years $336








Example #14  
Approximately 145' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $653
Subsequent Years $508




Example #15  
Approximately 225' of Holiday Lighting
Complete 4 Side Coverage
Estimated First Year $1,013
Subsequent Years $788




Example #16  
Approximately 115' of Holiday Lighting
Estimated First Year $518
Subsequent Years $403


At STL Holiday Lighting, we are proud of the fact that we offer up-front pricing with no gimmicks, surprises, multi-year contract requirements, or time consuming, high pressure bids.

Unlike many companies that make you sacrifice an hour of your time just to hear an in-person bid based on a mystery pricing scheme, we offer a computerized estimate process based on a simple pricing system that we make available to you.

Our Standard Install and Take-Down Service
  • Our comprehensive service includes install, maintenance, take-down, and storage
    • Our standard services include the installation, take-down and storage of the Christmas lights we use for your home display as well as any maintenance or repairs your display might need throughout the season. 
    • When we give you an estimate, we simply use a photo of your home to estimate the footage of lighting that will be required to install holiday lights along the gutters, dormers, and gables across the front of your home. Although our estimates are estimates and not quotes (we will bill you for the actual footage of lighting we install, even if it is less than our estimate, as is often the case), they are all inclusive in that all of our standard services are included with no hidden fees..
    • Additional services we offer include installing lights on the side and/or back of your home, wrapping trees, bushes, shrubs, or columns with mini lights, installing path lights along your driveway or garden, and hanging wreaths or garland.
    • Our installers return at the end of the holiday season, between New Year's Day and the end of January, to take down everything that they installed.
  • We supply everything (except wreaths and garland), protect your home, and provide you with a hassle free experience.
    • When our installers come to install lights on your home, they will bring all of the lights as well as any materials or supplies they might need with them. The only things you might have to supply include garland or wreaths (if you want us to install them for you) and possibly an extension cord if you do not have any accessible outdoor outlets.
    • Our installation process includes cutting our light strands to fit your home perfectly, installing the lights with gutter clips (not nails) so there is no damage to your home, and wiring the lights into a timer that we have pre-programmed to turn on your display around 4pm and off around 11pm. (We are happy to adjust these times to anything you wish at your request.)
    • If any light bulbs burn out, any of the wires in your display short, or you experience any problems with your lighting display, all you have to do is call at 314-718-0105 and we will come out and make the necessary repairs for no additional charge.
    • You can be confident that your home is safe with us. Unlike some fly by night holiday lighting companies, we only use experienced, professional installers and all of them are fully bonded and insured. Some of them have been with us for over 10 years! (Click here to see a copy of our current workers compensation policy.)
Our Pricing Plan
  • Perimeter Lighting: $4.50/foot of LED C7 lights we install on your home
    • For first time customers, we charge $4.50/ft for every foot of lighting we install to outline your home.
    • For most repeat customers, this price drops to $3.50/foot for re-installation in future years.
    • All of our bulbs are LED bulbs. Color choices for outlining your home include clear (our most popular - a warm LED bulb that has NO blue tint), multi-colored (consisting of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue), or our signature candy-cane scheme (made up of alternating red and clear bulbs).  Pricing for any color selection is the same.
    • We do have a minimum price of $400 for all first year customers and $300 for repeat customers. While most homes are able to meet this requirement just with perimeter lighting, we are happy to work with smaller properties by combining services such as mini lights, path lights, wreaths, and garland to meet this requirement.
  • Mini-Lights: $20 - $25/strand for mini lights installed on trees, bushes, or columns
    • For small shrubs, bushes, or tree trunks, we charge $20/strand for each 25 foot strand of lights we install, available in clear, multi-colored, red, or green lights.
    • For large trees or columns over 8 feet tall, we charge $25/strand for the installation of our 50 foot long, commercial-grade, clear mini-lights.
    • There are four ways we can wrap trees: wrapping the trunks, wrapping the tree branches as a whole with 1 large spiral wrap on the outside of the branches, outlining individual branches, or criss-cross wrapping. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our different tree wrapping styles.
    • At this time, our mini-lights are only available as incandescent bulbs. We do not currently offer LED mini lights.
  • Extras: Wreaths, Garland, and Path Lights
    • While we supply all the materials needed for the installation of perimeter lighting (outlining your home), mini-lights, and path lights, we do not supply or store wreaths or garland.  We are happy to install and take-down wreaths and garland that you provide.
    • We charge $50 to anchor, wire, hang, and take down wreaths for the first time.
      • For repeat customers, we will re-install wreaths for $25.  Re-install price is $35 if we have to assemble the wreath.
    • We will hang outdoor garland for $3/ft of garland.  Additional charges apply if we have to install anchors for the garland. 
    • We charge $3.50/ft to install path lights (stake lights) along your driveway, garden, or pond. (Our stake lights use our C7 LED bulbs.)
      • For repeat customers, we will re-install path lights for $2.50/ft.
Our Estimate and Billing Process
  • Ready to get an estimate?
    Just Click Here to access our computerized estimate form or text your contact information and a photograph of your home to 314-718-0105 for your customized estimate.
    • Unlike other companies, we don't waste your valuable time with high pressure, in-person bids. Instead, we can provide you with an estimate simply from a photograph of the front of your home, taken straight on. Use our computerized estimate form or send us a text message at 314-718-0105 for your customized estimate.
    • For our computerized estimate form, all you have to do is fill in your contact information, attach a picture of your home, let us know if you want estimates for any of our additional services, and then let us do the rest!
    • You can also text us a photo of your home along with your contact information to receive a customized estimate. Just text your info to 314-718-0105 or call us if you have questions. Unlike many seasonal installers, we are here to help you any day, year round. (If it is the holiday season, due to high in-season call volumes, we may not be able to answer immedtely. If that is the case, PLEASE leave us a message with your name and phone number and we WILL call you back promptly.)
    • For the most accurate estimate, send us a photo of the front of your home as well as a photo of any additional areas where you would like us to install lights. Take the photograph straight on, not an angle or in perspective. (When you take the photo at an angle or in perspective, we cannot provide you with a very accurate estimate of your footage.) If you cannot fit the entire front of your home into 1 straight on photo, take multiple photos straight on that overlap and send us those.
    • Allow 1-3 days for us to reply with your customized estimate.
    • Your estimate is just that, an estimate. When we provide you with an estimate, all we are doing is applying a mathematical formula to the photo of your home to estimate the footage as closely as possible. Although we try our best to provide you with estimates that are as accurate as possible and our estimates are usually quite close, our estimates are not always exact. You will be charged the true amount of footage we install.
  • Our Billing Practices
    • Once you review your estimate, all you have to do to get on our install list is provide us with your charge card information to hold your spot on our schedule. At this time, we will also provide you with a promise date for when your install will be completed by.
    • Once we complete your install, we will mail you an invoice that is due within 2 weeks of receipt. Your invoice amount is based on the true footage of lighting we installed, as printed in our pricing plan.
    • You may pay the invoice by either mailing us a check prior to the 2 week due date or doing nothing. If we do not receive a check from you by the due date, we will run your charge card for the full invoice amount. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your invoice, please contact us prior to the due date so that we may resolve them prior to running your charge card.
    • If you wish to pay your invoice by check, please make checks out to "STL Holiday Lighting" and mail them to us at 19027 Old Manchester Road, Wildwood, MO 63069.
About our Light Bulbs: What Types We Use and Why
  • We use transparent, faceted C7 LED light bulbs when installing lights along the perimeter of your home. 
    • These light bulbs are night-light sized and are more durable and resilient than C9s.
    • Because these bulbs are transparent instead of ceramic, they are brighter than the heavily tinted ceramic bulbs that are commonly associated with "old style" outdoor Christmas lights.
    • These bulbs are called "faceted" because they have a textured surface instead of a smooth surface. The light passing through the textured surface makes them extra sparkly!
  • You have a few different color choices for outlining your home, and no matter which one you choose, your price will remain the same.
    • Clear (our most popular - a bright, warm clear LED bulb with NO blue tint)
    • Multi-colored (a mix of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue)
    • Candy cane (bulbs alternating between red and clear)
  • For outlining homes and businesses, we only offer LED lighting.
    • Our new LEDs are much brighter than incandescent C7s, and are available in all the same colors. (The LED clear bulbs are the same, warm, clear tint as our previous incandescent clear bulbs. Our Clear LED bulbs do NOT have any blue tint.)
    • Why did we switch to LED bulbs? LED bulbs are brighter than incandescent bulbs, and will really make your display shine. More importantly, LED bulbs have a MUCH longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, which means you are far less likely to have bulbs burn out during the holiday lighting season. Lastly, LED bulbs are better for the environment, due to their longer life span (fewer bulbs thrown away) and their MUCH lower energy usage. If you have a large display, LED bulbs will enable all of your lights to still run on the same circuit without any electrical issues!
  • We use two different types of incandescent mini-lights:
    • For most projects, we use our standard 23 foot strands of mini-lights when installing lighting on your small pillars, bushes, shrubs, and trees.
      • Color options vary but usually include clear, red, green, or multi-colored lights.
      • There are 100 light bulbs on each of these strands, spaced about 3 inches apart.
      • 1 of these 25 foot strands is usually long enough to wrap any small bush or shrub less than 3 feet tall.
    • For select larger projects, such as wrapping a large tree or pillar (8 ft tall or more), we may choose to use our 50 foot commercial grade strands of mini-lights.
      • The only color option available for these strands is clear.
      • There are 100 light bulbs on these strands, spaced 6 inches apart.
      • We charge $25 - $30/strand to install these mini-lights, depending on the project. For large items, this saves you a lot of money, since these strands are almost twice as long as our standard mini-lights.
Our Different Tree Wrapping Style Options
  1. Trunk Wrapping (the simplest way to wrap any size tree)
    • We will wrap just the trunk of your tree with our standard mini lights or our commercial grade mini-lights, depending on the diameter of the tree trunk. This method is great for accenting really large trees affordably.
  2. Spiral Wrapping (an elegant yet affordable option for small-medium trees)
    • We will loop our standard mini-lights around the outside of the tree branches in 1 giant spiral. Although this is not usually an option for particularly huge trees, it is a great choice for most.
    • For our favorite look, combine a trunk wrap on the base of the tree with a spiral wrap around the foliage for a truly beautiful effect.
  3. Branch Outlining (only available for small trees)
    • We will install our standard mini-lights up and down the individual branches of the tree. While this is a beautiful style, it is also more expensive than trunk and/or spiral wrapping. Due to how labor intensive this style is, we can only offer it for small trees.
  4. Random Wrapping (possible for any tree)
    • For some trees that are too large, too weak or misshapen to spiral, we will resort to our randon wrapping style. We will string our mini lights up, down, and around the tree in a criss-cross fashion to outline the tree to the best effect possible. There are some pictures of trees wrapped in this style on our cover page.